#1 When is the best time to sell?

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to sell?

Are you thinking of waiting until spring?

Here are a 3 good reasons why winter can be the perfect time to sell…

#1 There is more buyer competition – There are fewer home on the market
#2 Buyers are motivated – It’s too chilly to be looking just for fun!
#3 Banks can process loans faster – They are not as busy as they are in Spring!

“If you are looking to sell this winter, don’t let the colder weather inhibit you.”

Here are a few tips if you do choose to go ahead!

Homes that get excellent winter light can stand out during the colder months. Draw back the curtains and blinds on all windows and let as much light and warmth in as possible.

The focus should be on feeling warm and comfortable. Have a casserole cooking, light the fire or switch on the heat, turn on all the lamps and add some warm reds and oranges to your soft furnishings.

Also, be sure to show your home at a time of day that will best show off the property. For example, if you have lots of north-facing windows and receive plenty of winter sunshine, you’ll probably want to show it during the day.

Looking to take the next step?

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#1 When is the best time to sell?